LiveVox is a next-generation contact center platform that powers more than 14 billion interactions a year. Our software solutions help our customers to enable their agents to take better care of their customers. However, our goal is not only to be the contact center solution of choice for our customers, but the employer of choice for the world’s best talent.

Our founders worked in large tech firms where innovation often became a casualty of efficiency. They designed guiding principles for LiveVox to preserve our entrepreneurial culture and build a strong growth company. You will hear our team talk about these principles, now known as the “LiveVox Way”: a combination of values that guide what we do, what we invest in, and how we work together. The LiveVox Way has yielded a high retention, global workforce with best-in-class employee satisfaction ratings on GlassDoor and in employee surveys.

“Innovation is driven by people and accelerated through data. The LiveVox Way fosters the growth of both concepts, creating an environment where technology and people development are not only sustainable, but can thrive.” — Co-founder and CEO, Louis Summe.

Diversity is vital for our ability to grow and innovate in such a fast-changing environment. We strive to build teams where employees can bring new ideas and perspectives to bear, promoting creativity and driving effective business solutions. We make a concerted effort to develop a diverse candidate pipeline and slate of candidates for all vacant positions. As part of this effort, we survey hiring managers post-hire to elicit feedback on the diversity of the candidate pool.

We actively recognize and celebrate diversity at LiveVox, in—our heritage, history, experience, abilities, personal identification, and perspectives. For example, we celebrate and educate our employees about other cultures and capabilities through our annual diversity, equity, and inclusion calendar, which highlights global events, celebrations, awareness, and festivities each month. We also offer formal training and development to all employees on diversity and inclusion, as well as harassment and discrimination prevention.

Our EAGs (Employee Affinity Groups) are an integral component of LiveVox’s commitment to help drive change in diversity and inclusion. It allows us to capitalize on the extraordinary resources of our employees. EAGs are employee-led, self-directed, voluntary groups that offer opportunities to network internally, attract a diverse employee base, enable the inclusion of ideas and solutions, and create opportunities for mentoring and career development.

We understand that creating tomorrow’s technology requires the ability to leverage cutting-edge software tools, a global workforce, freedom to explore, and support to succeed. LiveVox innovators are empowered with a team structure that drives individual leadership and leverages the latest software capabilities.

LiveVox has more than 650 employees and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Atlanta; Denver; St. Louis; Medellin, Colombia; and Bangalore, India.

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